By Daniel Reid

We all want the perfect dog which is well trained and is a joy to be around. To have that dog you have to know how to train him. If the owner keeps making simple, yet easy to fix mistakes, then the whole process will be almost impossible to do.

Here are 7 reasons why the training can go wrong for dog owners.

1. Allowing your dog to think it’s the leader.

Your dog is a dog, an animal and a different species to us humans. They do not think and rationalise like we do. Dogs live in packs with a clear hierarchy. There is an alpha or pack leader in every pack. You must be the alpha dog in your pack. You control every aspect of your dog’s life from exercise to feeding. You make the decisions in his life. You are the dominant leader, not your dog. If you allow your dog to take control he will develop behaviour problems which can become harder to solve as he gets older. Start out right from the beginning.

2. Lack of exercise


Exercise is very important to your dog, both physically and emotionally. Every dog needs exercise, however, different breeds have different requirements in duration and type of exercise. Walking your dog allows time for the two of you to interact, he can meet other people and dogs and take in all the different smells and sounds which gives him mental stimulation. If you do not give your dog daily exercise it can lead to boredom and frustration which in turn can lead to behaviour problems.

3. Training sessions are too long.

Do not expect too much from your dog too quickly in his training. Some dogs learn faster than others. Keep training sessions short as dogs tend to have a short attention span. Teach your dog in a way that is fun for both of you.

4. Correcting your dog too soon.

When your dog starts to learn, he very quickly associates getting reward for doing a command you ask. This helps him understand the meaning of the command. Sometimes, even a juicy reward will not get his attention and he will not do it right. He could have been distracted by a noise or see something which caught his attention. Do not be too quick to give him a correction as this will only hinder his progress. He is young and needs time to get used to what all the commands mean. Do not try to teach too much too soon. Treat him as you would like to be treated. Give clear commands and be kind but firm.

5. No Consistency.

Dogs learn by repetition and are creatures of habit. You must be consistent in everything you do with your dog. He must be shown the same routine everyday. If you allow him to relieve himself in different places, then he will not know he is only supposed to go in one specific spot. If you are not consistent with commands and he gets away with ignoring you then he will decide, if he wants to obey you or not. If you allow him to ignore you, then you are encouraging bad behaviour. Your dog’s training is ongoing and must be done on a regular basis. As he gets older he will need less reminding.

6. Giving up too soon.

Training your dog takes effort and patience. There will be days when it seems like you are going backwards with his training. This can happen for a number of reasons but usually it’s the owner’s fault. Maybe you are tired or not concentrating. Maybe you had a bad day and you are feeling very impatient. Your dog will pick up on your vibes and he will worry or feel anxious as to why you are acting strange today. He could see this behaviour as weakness and try to assert his dominance by ignoring you. Just stop for a moment, take a deep breath and start again. Perhaps a few minutes time out would help both of you.

7. Getting angry.

Do not get angry with your dog. Remain in a calm and patient state of mind. Getting upset is not good for you or your dog. Your dog reads your body language so make sure you are sending the right message. When you are calm, relaxed and confident then your dog will be too. Confrontation or punishment can destroy the trust between you.

Your dog brings you joy and companionship. He makes you laugh. He loves you so he is worth the time and effort you have to put in, to train him properly.

About the Author: Daniel Reid is a dog expert and founder of He shows people in very simple but effective ways, how to train their dogs properly. You too can have a happy and well trained dog that always obeys you.

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