Whenever a home is threatened by natural events or pests, homeowners should take quick action to protect their property. While many environmental concerns can damage a home, pest infestation is one of the most damaging and severe. Termites are especially threatening and are capable of causing extreme damage to a home in a short period of time. Any homeowner who feels termites may be present on their property should immediately seek the help of an experienced exterminating service. Termites Removal in Folsom CA, requires specific products and treatments to regain control of the home and rid the area of these pests.

Termites will eat all types of natural building materials, but they greatly prefer to eat wood. Those with wood frame homes, dead trees, or other wooden structures on their property should regularly check for the presence of termites. If left untreated, termite infestations can quickly cause massive issues to homes. Termite colonies of thousands can appear from only a few initial bugs and, as the colonies grow, they require more food. This can be devastating to homes as the insects continue to eat more and more of the building. The structural damage that requires massive repair work and expensive reer Termite & Pest Control should be called for help as soon as possible.

Termites Removal in Folsom CA, is possible by using several different methods. The home can be tented and fumigating using toxic gases that kill all of the insects inside. For this type of treatment, people will have to leave their homes for a period of a few days, as the gases are also harmful to humans and pets. Fumigation is very effective at removing all of the present insects, but it does not protect against future infestations. Another option is to use pesticide spikes that will be inserted into the foundation, siding, and ground around the home. This option takes longer to work, but it does keep termites from developing in the future.

Termites are capable of causing a large amount of damage to a home. When termites are suspected near a home, it is best to get help from a qualified exterminator. By using either fumigation or poison spikes, termite colonies can be eradicated.