By Jessica Ackerman

Many teens, both girls and boys, prefer a simple contemporary design in the bedroom instead of something that is frilly or juvenile. Contemporary decor gives a fresh modern look to a teen’s bedroom and it’s also an inexpensive and versatile way to decorate.

Involve your Teen

While you may a few ideas that you’d like to try in the room, you should always consult with your teen before beginning a makeover. Undoubtedly, he or she will have ideas of their own; if not, the two of you can adapt some of your ideas to fit your teen’s personality. Unlike a young child whose bedroom is primarily for sleep and play, your teen’s bedroom is part of their social scene and a place to hang out and relax with friends. So, in addition to capturing your teen’s style, seating options like a small couch or loveseat or a pair of club chairs will make the room more useful for a teen’s lifestyle.

Black & White Decor


A crisp, contemporary color palette of black and white is an easy way to create a fresh, hip look in a teen’s room, and it offers a great amount of versatility. You can use black and white to create a backdrop for more vibrant pops of color in wall art, accessories and bedding, or you can stick to a very monochromatic palette to achieve a techno, urban or hip industrial look. A black and white color scheme also creates a great backdrop for zebra print accessories or music theme decor; or you can create a streamlined contemporary look modern geometric wall art and a black platform bed with a graphic black and white comforter.

Too Hip for ‘Themes’

A teen is going to feel too sophisticated and hip for a themed ‘room’, but are often open to more mature motifs that reflect their interests, such as their favorite band, animals, dance and drama or sports. You can reflect these interests in wall decor, posters or accessories without overdoing it; choosing a neutral backdrop for the walls is a great way to showcase wall art. Many teens also like to display art, posters and memorabilia from a favorite college that they’re hoping to attend.

Teens that have an interest in environmental issues would also enjoy an environmentally friendly ‘green’ bedroom that features furniture made of recycled materials or eco-consciously harvest lumber, fabrics and bedding made from renewable bamboo and lamps outfitted with compact florescent bulbs.

For a Teenage Boy

While a teenage boy might not have as many decorating ideas and preferences as a girl, he still would enjoy a sharp modern bedroom that’s relaxing, functional and easy to maintain. A neutral or masculine color scheme, like gray and blue, is an excellent start for such a room. Keep furniture pieces sleek and contemporary; a bed with storage drawers below is a great looking choice that offers extra storage. Bookcases with modern chrome bins and a closet organization system can make it easy for him to store all of his books and school papers, sports gear, DVDs and game systems and clothing.

About the Author: Online contributing editor for, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using trees metal wall art and sun metal wall art.


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