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Sanderson Theme Construction is a division of the Sanderson Group which is an Australian based multinational corporation with over 25 years experience in delivering high quality themed attractions.Operating out of its offices located across Australia, Macau, Singapore, Mumbai, Shanghai, Malaysia & Dubai, the Sanderson Group provides design to construct services and specializes in building themed environments.

Sanderson Theme Construction is an Australian based multinational corporation with over 25 years experience in building themed environments. It provides services like Architectural Elements Manufacturing in GRC & FRP, Interior Fit Outs, Thematic Construction Of Architectural Products, Scenic & Faux Finishes, Artificial Rockwork & Hardscapes, Mascots, Props & Signage Development, Build and installation services.

Sanderson History

Sanderson Group was incorporated in 1989 as Australias first speciality Theme Construction Company. With the accumulated expertise and experience in the industry, Sanderson Group has revolutionized itself into one of the biggest names in the global Thematic arena, with over 260 successfully completed projects in more than 22countries across the globe.

Company Milestones:

1989: Incorporation of Sanderson Group (Australia)

2000: Established in India


2001: Established in Macau

2005: Established in Malaysia

2006: Established in China & Hong Kong

2007: Established in Singapore

2010: Established in Dubai

2011: Established in Vietnam

Our mission is to form partnerships with our clients from the initial project conception to completion, to develop high quality themed environments and attractions that exceed our clients expectations and build their market share.

Being a multi-national corporation we believe it is essential to have the best people and management systems employed to administer each and every vital aspect of our complete scope of services. We endeavor to recruit and employ professional, innovative, effective and determined staff to further develop and train into leading industry professionals, growing together with us and our global market. We manage our staff with respect and wisdom.

Clear communication is imperative in our industry, we understand the importance of doing business in a language our Clients are comfortable in. We employ multi-lingual staff to ensure clear, effective, and efficient communications across our integrated service offering.

We take our Global role very sincerely;

we are devoted to caring for our employees with respect and compassion

we are devoted to working with our affiliates, suppliers, and members of society with the utmost respect

we serve our global society, as without society we cannot exist

Steve Sanderson gained recognition in Film/Television and Construction industries, after which he founded The Sanderson Group in 1989. Mr. Sanderson plays an active role in the management, technological research and development of this highly successful company. He has been the driving force behind the successful 25years of continuous growth and development.

With over 25 years of experience in master planning, design and building major tourist attractions worldwide, he is also an esteemed member of the Australian amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association (AALARA), the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), and the Master Builders Association for both Australia and Malaysia.

As the Principal and Managing Director of the Sanderson Group, each project undertaken by our company regardless of size, scale or budget bears my family name. To this end I expect nothing less than excellence in all areas by all members within our company group, therefore you as the potential customer are assured of nothing less than total commitment in the success of your project.

We stand behind our company name.

Sanderson Theme Construction has an exclusive facility dedicated for manufacturing high quality GFRC(Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), and FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

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