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Southwestern themes are becoming more popular each year, especially as trendy home decor television shows and websites feature the exciting colors, shapes, and textures that make this theme so exciting and unique. For those who cannot or do not want to overwhelm the room in Southwestern style, there are options for adding just a few hints of this great decorating style. The following are a few tips for adding Southwest flavor anywhere in the home:

Vibrant, Lively Colors

First and foremost, any Southwestern-flavored room needs a lot of vibrant shades and colorful patterns that stand out. This includes bold shades of red, bright blues and greens, sunny yellows, solid black, bright white, and many shades of each color. Pair several bold shades for a big statement or add pops of vibrant color to add a hint of the Southwest in any room. For instance, pair bright throw pillows with a neutral couch or bed linens.

Lots of Life


The Southwest decorating style indicates a lot of life, and not only when it comes to energetic colors. Living plants are a perfect addition to any room to add a touch of Southwestern flavor, especially plants unique to this d cor style. This includes cacti, particularly blooming cacti, for sure but any flowers that are bright shades are suitable with the right vase or pot. This technique is perfect for indoor or outdoor living spaces that need just the right finishing touch.

Shapes and Textures

Several shapes are great for adding these touches, such as triangles, pyramids, wavy patterns, or circles. Concentric circles or abstract shapes in vibrant shades are easy to coordinate with neutral color palettes, adding the right amount of life without overwhelming the space. Artwork is a simple way of achieving this goal, such as a Mexican-inspired pyramid or Navajo print.

Texture is also a great way to make the space feel more inspired by the Southwest, such as rough Indian blankets or wrought iron furniture and accessories. Fresh, unbleached cotton or muslin is also a special way to add the feel of the Southwest to any space, from curtains to pillows or rugs. Hand-sewn rag rugs are inexpensive in most places, but they are the perfect combination of color and texture for adding the splash that is sought for this touch of style.

Mix and Match

Touches of Southwestern style are great, but to really pull the look off and make it a focal point pair it with other Southwestern touches throughout the room. For instance, create a colorful and bold statement in the dining room with neutral walls, flooring and ceiling; natural woods for the furniture; bold shades for linen choices and patterns for the dishes. Add a living or fresh-cut centerpiece in an etched glass or wrought iron vase and finish the look with a vibrant silk or cotton ribbon around the vase. It is very easy to change the look back to neutral simply by changing the dishes or centerpiece afterward for those who want only a short-term Southwestern touch in this space.

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